Volume VII Staff

Kyle Majerus, Editor-In-Chief

Kyle Majerus is a junior at Clarke University; he is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in English with minors in Business Administration and Writing. He is the CSA Executive Treasurer, Benchwarmers Vice President/Co-President, was a Tuckpointer the past two years, a member of Future Young Professionals and the Investments Club, a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Tenth Muse Literary Magazine, and works in Admissions and at the library circulation desk. He is a huge advocate of coffee, men’s fashion, blogs, food, and exercising. In the free time he barely gets, he visits local coffee shops, writes blog posts, exercises, relaxes with friends and family, and peruses his social media pages.

He joined the Tenth Muse Literary Magazine for four reasons. He joined to collaborate with like-minded individuals to create a final product (the literary magazine); experience the creating, editing, and publishing side of a magazine; try something new that he has never done before; and further develop his writing skills.


Emily Pape, Editor-in-Chief

Emily Pape is an English major with minors in writing and art. Now a senior at Clarke University, she is serving as Co-editor-in-chief with Kyle Majerus for this school year’s volume of the Tenth Muse. Emily joined this year’s Tenth Muse staff because she had a blast while working on last year’s volume of the Tenth Muse and wanted to once again take part in piecing together another fabulous literary magazine. When she’s not preoccupied with school, Emily enjoys drawing, laughing at the parts of movies that aren’t supposed to be funny, spending too much time on the internet, and writing short stories.

Evan Heer

Evan is a senior biology major and writing minor at Clarke University. His interests include playing guitar, fishing, brewing, and drinking delicious beer, traveling, and seeing live music. He recently returned from a semester abroad at the University of Glasgow in Scotland where he gained a new perspective of life, and found plenty of inspiration to write about his experiences. Evan hopes to one day move to the Pacific Northwest and continue his path to becoming a physician assistant.

Natascha Myers


Natascha is a senior music major and psychology minor at Clarke University. As a singer/songwriter, she is often seen with a pen in her hair, ready to scribble whatever lyric randomly pops into her head. Natascha plays guitar, piano, and a smattering of banjo, but is especially talented when it comes to air drumming on her steering wheel and dancing around her kitchen. She also has a thing for the stars, reading whatever she can get her hands on, traveling, knitting, and running. Oh, and we can't forget her affinity for coffee shops and craft beer. Natascha recently released her debut EP, Do Not Go Gentle, available on iTunes and her website (www.nataschamyers.com), and is planning a summer move to Nashville.

Lizzy Schroeder

Lizzy Schroeder is currently studying Secondary Education and English with endorsements in Special and Reading Education. Although a junior, Lizzy expects to be a super senior in the upcoming years, which should not be a surprise, because look at all those endorsements! With what little free time Lizzy has, she can be found singing in local community productions, nannying, reading/writing literature, taking excessive amounts of naps, or just hanging out with friends. Lizzy found herself involved in the Tenth Muse due to encouragement from various English professors. In the end, she is anticipating a creative year for the Dubuque community thanks to Clarke’s very own literary magazine!

Lily Rottinghaus

Lily Rottinghaus studies drama and psychology at Clarke University. She is a senior, I know, weird. In her free time, she enjoys animal watching, reading, sleeping, singing, dancing, skydiving, watching movies, and drinking wine. She joined the Tenth Muse Literary Magazine team because of her interest in creative writing, original works of art, and for the class credit! Lily is very random but super approachable so don’t be scared to come up and talk to her!


Colin P. Niemer

Colin P. Niemer is currently in his 6th semester at Clarke. He majors in English and minors in Writing. Most recently he finished the sixth season of “Game of Thrones”. This fall marks Colin’s third consecutive semester with the Tenth Muse team. He joined the Muse because it seemed like an excellent opportunity to get involved with the literature/art community. In his spare time, Colin plays guitar, brews coffee, and watches excellent medieval television shows.


Angela Pasker

Angela Pasker is a senior studying Secondary Education and English with endorsements in Social Studies and Language Arts. In her free time she loves reading, writing, swimming, traveling, coffee, taking naps, singing loudly, dancing, and drinking lots of chocolate milkshakes. She is in Teachers for Tomorrow and the Clarke University Culinary Club along with the Tenth Muse magazine. She joined the Tenth Muse because she is really excited about working for a literary magazine and is always looking for ways to improve her writing skills.

Anna Kelley, Faculty Advisor

Anna Kelley is an Assistant Professor of English and the faculty advisor to the Tenth Muse. She has a larger shoe size than you might expect given her height. She likes taking pictures of loved ones when they are sleeping. She loves her family, her job, and her curiosity about the world.


lug swing.jpg

This is Lugnut. He doesn’t read yet, but when he does, the Tenth Muse is first on his list. For us, Lugnut represents the future. We believe that the future’s enthusiasm for the Tenth Muse should not go unnoticed.