KAYLA SCHNOEBELEN English and Secondary Education '13

Favorite breakfast cereal (bonus points for putting it in Dr. Seuss rhyme): I like it when my nanas slice bananas. I like it when the nutty meets the honey. I go nutzo for Cheerios.

Do you call it soda or pop? Pop

Favorite Dr. Seuss story: There's a Wocket In My Pocket

Careers aspirations: "After I grow about 20 more gray hairs, I will finally finish my undergraduate and begin my teaching career at a high school. I'll grow 20 more gray hairs and head back to school for my master's degree. When I end up with a full head of gray hair, I'll come back to teach at Clarke."

How do YOU Muse? "I Muse on a bed. I Muse on a sled. I Muse while standing on my head. I Muse in the shower. I Muse to a flower. I Muse hour by hour."

SUSAN VAASSEN English and Psychology '14

Favorite breakfast cereal: Fruit Loops

Do you call it soda or pop? Pop

Favorite Dr. Seuss story: Green Eggs and Ham

Career aspirations: "A work in progress. Publishing, Editing, Writing, or counseling. Or a combination of all."

How do YOU Muse? "Getting hooked on a book, being bright when I write, having fun making a pun."

GABBY BARILLAS English and Psychology/Writing '13

Favorite breakfast cereal: Lucky Charms

Do you call it pop or soda? "Pop, NEVER soda!"

Favorite Dr. Seuss story: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Career aspirations: Marriage and family therapy

How do YOU Muse? "In a car, near and far, with a fox, not wearing socks."

ERIN DALY Religious Studies/Writing '13

Favorite breakfast cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch is fun to munch

Do you call it soda or pop? I call it both...

Career aspirations: "Still up in the air. But writing is in there somewhere. Maybe a columnist or editor? Acceptable alternatives include but are not limited to: bakery or vinyl store owner (or bakery/vinyl store owner!), Mumford & Sons roadie, rock and roll historian at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (yes, that’s a real thing)."

How do YOU Muse? "In a car, with my guitar, at concerts and beaches and places near and far." 

JENNIFER STREIF English major/Psychology minor '13 

Favorite breakfast cereal: Frosted Flakes, because they're grrrreeeaat!

Do you call it soda or pop? Pop!

Favorite Dr. Seuss story: "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas; my second choice is Horton Hears a Who."

Career aspirations: "I am trying to be a publisher/editor at McGraw-Hill, Kendall Hunt, or Carlisle Publishing. If those don’t work out then I am looking into working through Hillcrest."

How do YOU Muse?: "I muse through books, peering around nooks, and observing people’s looks."



 ALICE  major and Music and Writing minors '13

Favorite breakfast cereal: There are cereals I like, but do not love / Though one stands out as being above. / The cereal that snaps, crackles and pops, / Rice Krispie cereal is the cereal that tops.

Do you call it soda or pop? Both, whatever rolls off the tongue better in the context. But soda more often than not.

Favorite Dr. Seuss story: It's between The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who.

Career aspirations: To be a published and hopefully well-known poet and author. I'd also like to be a freelance artist and musician on the side. But, when I finish graduate school and become a professional starving artist, and I need to find a day job, I plan to open my own sandwich shop and call it "The Starchitarian." The menu will feature the wide variety of creative, unusual, delicious, starch-filled sandwiches my diet consists of. In fact, I just discovered a new recipe for my menu: sliced cheese, cheese curds, french fries, and ranch on a sub bun. Yummy.

How do YOU Muse? "When on my bed in my room, and when at work after noon. When at church on Sundays, and in class on weekdays. When waking and sleeping, and somewhere in between. As long as I am breathing and my mind is thinking then the Muse is in me, it never lets me be.

ANNA KELLEY Faculty Advisor


Favorite breakfast cereal: "Well, I guess and I suppose, that my favorite cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios."

Do you call it soda or pop? Soda

Career aspiration: "I hope that some of my stories will be published. Of course, I have to finish writing them first."

Favorite Dr. Seuss story: "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. No, wait, The Lorax! Then again... (I wouldn’t try to drag a favorite story out of me. There are too many Dr. Seuss stories that I like for that to be effective.)"

CARRIE PIEPER Drama and English major/Writing minor 

Favorite breakfast cereal: "Breakfast, dinner, or lunch I always choose Cap’n Crunch. The flavor I eat always varies, but my favorite has always been berries."

Do you call it soda or pop? "I like to mix it up, however Kum & Go really annoyed me when their big soda vs. pop debate ended in “Soda Pop.” Nobody calls it that…"

Favorite Dr. Seuss story: "Green Eggs and Ham, all the way."

Career aspirations: "If I would have my way I would do gory make-up for stage or film and write poetry on the side… or vise versa."

How do YOU Muse? "Whether it’s Sitting in a dorm room or cleaning TDH with mop and broom, daydreaming in class, or eating really fast, in a car, in a boat, in a plane, or on a goat, in the sand or Ireland I am musing yes I am, cause I can’t stop musing Anna-I-Am…. (sorry Anna, But you get to be Sam)"