Emily Pape, Tenth Muse Staff

"During my time in college, I have learned a lot about myself. Who am I? What do I want to become? What do I really want to do with my life? These are all questions that, going into freshman year, I thought I already knew the answers to. I came to find out that that was a total joke. I came to Clarke as an athletic training physical therapy major. Now I am majoring in mathematics and computer information systems with a minor in business administration. I wanted to work with professional hockey teams as my career and now I just want to play with numbers. I feel as a person that numbers are something that have always relaxed me. Being in orchestra and dance growing up, I was surrounded by music and in music there are different types of numbers. I feel that always being surrounded and interested in numbers is how I was shaped into the number oriented person that I am today. I am a person that does not always have the most logical method to my madness, but the job always gets done with accuracy. I pride myself with knowing that I can do things with numbers that most people don’t even know are a possibility. I truly believe that my love for mathematics came from the fact that math was the only subject in school that my parents could not help me with, because by eighth grade I surpassed their mathematical abilities. Growing up my dad use to ask me when the alphabet became part of math. Looking at my math book, He could not understand why there were almost as many letter as there were numbers in the problems. I believe that having to rely on myself when it came to my math homework is the reason that I enjoy numbers today. Having no one to turn to is what boosted my confidence and determination to solve the problems and get the right answers. Numbers are a part of who I am and I believe that they shaped me into me."