Natascha Myers, Tenth Muse Staff

You likely know McKenna Crossen for her contagious giggle, infectious smile, and natural zest for life. Just look at the picture, and you'll immediately get the essence of who she is. And when asked what her story is, after giving it some thought, McKenna beelined for exactly that as her defining characteristic. 

“My story? Gosh, who AM I? I’m McKenna. I love to laugh, and I’m, like, a forever child-at-heart. But somehow, the mother hen of my group. Does that make sense? (insert giggles) In fact, I know who I am once I get thinking about it. I’m an organized, disorganized mess that just loves everything. I love who I am.” 

As if you don’t love McKenna enough for her quirkiness accompanied by self-confidence, there’s more. As a pre-med major, soccer player, and resident assistant, McKenna is nothing short of busy. Regardless of her hectic schedule, McKenna still leaves time for the people who are important to her, a feature that instantly comes to mind when you think ‘McKenna Crossen.’ 

“I think my story is made up of not just me, but all the people I come across. Everyone I meet changes me for the better. I’m constantly changing because of those people. I’m blessed. They accept me for my weirdness, my quirky personality that just goes with the flow.” 

This extremely lovable characteristic comes to fruition especially with how family-oriented McKenna is. “I call my mom every day, even if I have nothing real to say.” 

This adoration for people and their stories will certainly benefit McKenna as she pursues a career that acknowledges her immense love for kids: a pediatrician. She speculates that it is her own childlike spirit that makes her love kids and their innocence so much. 

“I’m going to explore the world and save all the children. Me and my dog. Taking on the world.”

So watch McKenna take on the world. But take the opportunity to meet her first; you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably be giggling right along with her in a heartbeat.